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Ganjier Farms is the name of Kevin Jodrey‘s cannabis farm in Humboldt County, California. As part of his brand, Port Royal, it is a critical piece of the whole picture. The farm project has been a long time coming and with it, he’s implemented the lessons learned over his long career and the knowledge gained with his association with numerous, leading cannabis industry professionals.

Port Royal, and Ganjier Farms, champions the Clean Rush; a more nature-centric approach to cultivation that relies on using the local environment and natural predators for pest control. Ganjier Farms is Kevin’s realization of a long held dream and an example of one model for outdoor cultivation that others can learn and benefit from. Port Royal intends to release additional videos about Ganjier Farms as the 2017 cultivation year progresses. Upcoming videos will include segments about elements of the layout, why they were selected and insights into Jodrey’s approach to outdoor cultivation…all the way from genetic to consumption.Included will also be a number of partners who’s products and services are used to produce Port Royal’s clean cannabis experience because no one is an island unto themselves.

Ganjier Farms is a result of the Northern California cannabis community and nothing makes Kevin Jodrey prouder than that.


  1. Kevin, I look up to you so much as one who boldly came out of the Cannabis shadows and became a bright shining light and an example of how it should be done!

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