2017 Spring Kickoff Cancellation

The Spring Kickoff by The GanjierThe Ganjier has decided to cancel this year’s Spring Kickoff event on March 4th, 2017. The reason being that the new cannabis laws in California make it hard to operate in a truly legal and transparent way, which is how we operate and have always operated. 

We started The Spring Kickoff with the goal of placing seed breeders in direct contact with the growers and we are very proud of the success the seed breeders, the growers, and us, the Ganjier have had at achieving this end. This year is a year of uncertainty until recreational rules and medical rules provide more clarity. So for that reason, we have opted to cancel this year and pick it back up again in 2018, if it is possible to hold these type of events without placing risk on all participants.

We thank everyone that has already contacted us about vending and sponsorships and we are excited to focus our energies on the 2017 Golden Tarp Awards and providing you constant, quality content on The Ganjier. See you in September!

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