Phylos Bioscience Genotype testing kit by Wonderland Nursery

 Kevin Jodrey and Wonderland Nursery gives us a walk through of how to use Phylos Genotype, Phylos Bioscience‘s genetic identity testing kit. Phylos Bioscience is an agricultural genomics company based in Portland, Oregon. They’re using modern molecular genetics and computational biology to help us understand the most important and least-studied plant in the world: Cannabis.

They’re turning that science into tools that will help this newly legal industry grow safely and sustainably. Their customers are small breeders and growers, and they’re doing everything they can to shape a future cannabis industry that has a place for them in it.

Phylos Genotype is a revolutionary genetic identity test for cannabis.

Unlock the mystery of your cannabis varieties with a groundbreaking exploration of ancestral, relationship, stability and uniqueness data. A digital genetic report gives you a comprehensive profile of your variety including closest relatives, clonal relationships, uniqueness score, population origin, variation and distant cultivars. Dynamic functionality means your report is updated in real-time as new varieties are added to our database. – Phylos Bioscience

We were pretty blown away at how easy it was and the potential impact it has on the industry. We are delighted to see the advancements happening in the industry; from cultivation to genetics to consumption. It’s an amazing time in the industry.

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