Farmaceuticals International: Premium Alpaca soil amendment

Farmaceuticals International logoThe problems involved with being compliant with the stricter testing requirements have been evident in almost all the newly legalized cannabis states. Not only are regulations becoming more strict with which chemical inputs you can safely use, those lists of approved inputs change almost arbitrarily. This has brought more attention back to a more natural way to look at cultivation inputs. No one wants to find out that after all the time and effort put in, you have traces of a newly banned product that was allowed before. Natural inputs are gaining more steam and alternatives are popping up in very interesting forms, such as Farmaceutical International’s Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment.

We had the pleasure of meeting these founders at The 2016 Emerald Cup Awards in Santa Rosa and we were interested by their unique product and application. We were able to speak with the Co-CEO/President Dianne Jennings to ask them about their soil amendment and how they found themselves in the cannabis space.

Linda Rivers & Dianne Jennings, Co-CEOs of Farmaceuticals International
Linda Rivers & Dianne Jennings, Co-CEOs of Farmaceuticals International
The Ganjier: Dianne please tell us a little about yourself and your company?

Dianne: First, let me say thank you for this wonderful opportunity for allowing me to share our story with your community of readers at The Ganjier. I am honored and delighted to do so. I am Dianne Jennings, Co-CEO and President of Business Development of Farmacecuticals International, a CEO responsibility that I share with my friend and business partner Linda Rivers, Co-CEO and President of Operations. Our Company is Farmaceuticals International which is a subsidiary of Lion Gate Farms, both which my business partner Linda and I own and operate together as business executives and She Farmers™. The farm is where we raise our Alpacas, and honey bees from which we produce the most amazing local honey. Farmaceuticals International is the marketing arm that distributes our Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment. We are located in Loganville, Georgia in an small suburban town northeast of Atlanta Georgia.

Farmaceuticals InternationalLinda and I embraced farming at separate times, but we were both equally passionate about cultivating better living and a greater life for ourselves, our families, and the rest of the world. What is our vision for better living? To restore soil to its naturally healthy state, which, in turn, would produce high-yielding healthy crops. You have heard ‘You are what you eat’ well ‘We are what our soil eats’. If we can restore the solidness, the naturalness, and the health of the soil as a whole we would be a much healthy nation. Sickness and disease would not run so rampant and be so prevalent. Anyway, as time elapsed we immersed ourselves in the learning process to gain a full and better understanding of soil and micro-organisms. We became so entrenched in it that we are now classified as “SoilOlogist”. The bottom line is that we knew together we had a mission to fulfill and that mission was to create a product to help farmers farm a more sustainable and overall healthier crop. Farmers cannot allow their fields to lay fallow for a season or two between plantings so, our mission became clear. We had to create a product from the natural earth to help farmers —

  • Rebuild soil to be ready for the next planting
  • Cut production cost
  • Grow healthy and strong plants
  • Increase crop productivity
  • Save time
  • Eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

We wanted a product that when applied to the soil, would work with, and not against the existing balance of the soil naturally, ‘and behold’ we formulated our Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment.
Natural soil amendments had been successfully used in agricultural societies for centuries but modern farming techniques have pushed it to one side in favor of inorganic soil applications, everything is done in a hurry farmers and growers want microwave-grown crops.


Farmaceuticals International Premium Alpaca soil amendment for cannabis cultivation
The Ganjier: How did you find yourself in the Cannabis Industry?

Dianne: I would have to say it was Divine Intervention, because neither Linda nor I had a clue about cannabis. Marijuana somewhat from back in the day; but what on earth was cannabis? I was scrolling through my emails one day and saw an email from an unknown source about understanding cannabis. The same day a documentary miraculously came on television revealing the amazing healing powers of cannabis. I had witnessed my mother, father and two of my brothers die from cancer with no hope of healing. As I watched the program, tears were streaming down my face to see and hear the stories of men, women and children who were suffering with various diseases and our government, for their own selfish reasons, would not allow their healing to manifest with the use of cannabis. My heart sank as I thought to myself, what if my mother, what if my father, what if either of my brothers could have been treated with healing powers of cannabis? They all may still be here with me today. So I discussed it with Linda and then I began to research more and more and found through that research and testing that our Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment was a perfect fit for the cannabis industry. Our Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment is a soil healer and cannabis is a human healer, and together miraculous healing takes place. Then I met Hazel Bag-well, Executive Director of the Emerald Cup. She convinced us to come to The Emerald Cup conference and that is exactly what we did. The conference was one the greatest lessons in cannabis I have had thus far and I met some influential figures in the California cannabis scene.

The Ganjier: Why is your product better than traditional inputs

Dianne: Its simple. First, let me say that there is no other product that we know of like it on the market. We are the “Bentley” of amendments. It isn’t packaged in a plastic bottle labeled ‘Warning: Wear facial protection and gloves during application’. In fact, the packaging is a biodegradable burlap bag chock-full of natural living organisms. There’s no odor, no artificial color – in fact, no artificial anything. It can be safely used as a seed or clone starter and it will not burn plant roots.


Apollo the Male Alpaca
Apollo the Male Alpaca

Bees and butterflies are attracted to it, and it has been said that it repels MITES, deer, rabbits, and other hungry night intruders . Our amazing product base is Alpaca manure which we scoop every day – twice a day. The Alpaca has a three-chambered stomach which breaks down hay and grass so efficiently that their ‘poo beans’ emerge virtually weed-free, pathogen-free, and odor-free.  As we take the Alpaca manure through the composting process, the lack of odor make it a much more pleasant process and it is easily stored. When the manure is composted, it turns to a rich humus, which in turn produces organic matter which is full of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and various other micro-organisms that plants need for optimum growth, including the cannabis plant.


The Ganjier: What differences in the final product can you attribute to the use of your product compared to traditional inputs?

Dianne: With our Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment, we have proven that less is more…you don’t have to spend a fortune on each plant or at each growth cycle. Most growers feed their cannabis plants once or twice a week, which is costly in itself. In addition, it over-cultivates the soil and with the chemicals added it pollutes the soil. With our Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment you amend at each growth cycle; one time at planting, not daily. The only food that the plants need from there is the SUN and WATER. If the plants are indoors, use your regular lighting system and still ONLY WATER. That’s it! There is no fermentation necessary! You spend less and yield more. How is that possible? We have proven evidence that our Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment will yield any farmer or grower third-year growth in one year. A ratio of 20:80 soil amendment to soil is all that is needed, unless the soil has been over-cultivated. Then we recommend a 30:70 ratio.


Alpaca soil amendment
Alpaca from Lion Gate Alpaca Farm in Georgia. Source farm for Farmaceuticals International.
The Ganjier: Have you done a comparison test using your soil amendment for cannabis already?

Dianne: Yes. We did testing on clones. The first comparison clones were set in potting soil which utilized chemically enhanced fertilizer and were planted 7-10 days before. 

The second comparison clones were also set in regular potting soil and was then amended with our Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment. After the first week, the growth caught up and surpassed the chemically fed cannabis clone.  The test lasted throughout the indoor growth cycle process.  The cannabis plant with the Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment utilized only water and light and grew stronger, yet lighter in color. It gained an extra stem, possessed a stronger smell, thicker brush of leaves and a beautiful bud in comparison to the first subject.

We are now in the process of testing on seed growth and we anticipate and even greater growth pattern and with the nourishment of natural sunlight, it is sure to be a much stronger plant.  We test constantly to ensure the effectiveness, wholesomeness, and naturalness of our alpaca soil amendment.

Cannabis Plant
The Ganjier: How do you think cannabis legalization will affect your business going forward?

Dianne: We are excited to participate in an industry that has the potential to service many people from a medicinal perspective and we have to keep in mind that in this newly legalized industry, the shifting sand of Cost and Taxation is still evolving. Therefore, the necessity for cannabis farmers to cut production cost without cutting product quality is paramount.

Let’s keep it real.

This is why we are here. This is our mandate to strengthen the quality of the soil and we are certain that our Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment can help cannabis farmers accomplish this. In addition to that, legalization across the US will broaden our market which will lead to opportunities for new markets in the cannabis industry for our company to explore.

The Ganjier: Who are the beneficiaries of using your product?

Dianne: Anybody growing anything; any farmer, consumer to cannabis grower can benefit from using our Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment. It is cost-effective and saves money on feeding. It is time conservative to where you will not have to take the time to feed your plants several times a week and you can significantly decrease your feeding schedule. It strengthens your crop for harvest and it heals the farming land. It produces a healthier plant and as you yield more, you earn more.

Third-year growth in one year.

The Ganjier: Do you have a presence in California or are you only out of Georgia right now?

Dianne: We were able to talk to the Emerald Cup and are happy to announce that we are able to support the cannabis farmers on the West Coast and the Emerald Triangle! Our Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment will be exclusively available for purchase on March 2017 at The Emerald Cup Garden Center located a 42400 US 101 in Laytonville CA 95454. Go check them out and tell Hazel that Dianne sent you!

The Ganjier: Dianne. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions for our community. You have an interesting product and we’re eager to see it used in our community. We’d love to follow-up with am article comparing the same clone used in a soil with and without your product in the near future. Until then, thank you for this information.

Dianne: Again, I thank you for allowing me to share our story and we look forward to bringing our Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment to the world.


If you would like to reach out to Dianne Jennings at or Linda Rivers at, please email them directly. Check out some of the metrics and data on their alpaca soil amendment below with the following links.

Also, stay tuned for their upcoming book on soil titled “SoilOlogy” “A  Farmers guide to healthier soil for greater yield and maximum profit.




Tested and proven! The compost used to produce our soil amendment has no chemicals. The proof is in the research conducted by the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

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