A young man helps harvest rice by hand at a natural farm, in this production still from the film
A young man helps harvest rice by hand at a natural farm, in this production still from the film "Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness" Photo credit Wikipedia.

Biodynamics, created in 1924 in Europe, came to America by the mid 1930’s. After chemical methods were introduced to cultivation methods, farmers began noticing a decline in soil fertility and the health and quality of crops. But conventional agriculture had begun expanding on a massive scale and chemicals were much easier to use. However, after years of scientific studies we know the detriment these chemicals have on our body and our environment.

Chemical farming creates a build up of toxins, which causes numerous diseases. Toxins can affect our health in many ways. Some kill friendly bacteria in our guts which blocks enzymes our body needs for normal functions. It’s because of chemically grown food and GMOs we’ve seen an explosion of health problems within our communties. With standards for organic decreasing each year, it’s up to consumers to demand a cleaner grown product and biodynamics provides just that.

Rudolf Steiner. Photo credit to wikipedia
Rudolf Steiner. Photo credit to wikipedia

Rudolph Steiner was a German-Austrian philosopher, scientist and social reformer who led the biodynamic approach to farming. His belief was that “western civilization would gradually bring destruction to itself and the Earth if it did not begin to develop an objective understanding of the spiritual world and its interrelationship to the physical world”.

Steiner focused on the importance of the closed loop system, producing everything the farm needs from within the farm. Biodynamics uses a series of homeopathic preparations on the soil, compost and plants that help build the farms’ “vital forces”.

The biodynamics preparations are a tool we can use to heal the Earth from all the damage that has occured. The preparations are made from specific herbs which grow wild all over Northern California. Yarrow flowers, chamomile blossoms, stinging nettle, oak bark, dandelion and valerian are used in a series of preparations in sheaths of animal organs made to the rhythms of sun and zodiac.

Biodynamic techniques focus on spirituality and a connection between the farmer and the cosmos. Having good intention makes all the difference. Biodynamic farmers recognize there are forces that influence biological systems other than gravity, chemistry, and physics.

There is a mystical belief associated in these approaches requiring pure-intention and love. This is the magic needed to heal the Earth from all our mistakes. It’s up to us as the next generation of farmers to correct these mistakes and inform consumers on key price indicators. We need medicine which nourishes the body and spirit. We have to start a global awareness to the importance of small farms which practice biodynamics so we can begin to heal ourselves and the Earth.

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