This spotlight focuses on Tony Leyva of Boneyard Seeds where he discusses his background and how sick family members were his main motivation for getting into the genetics side of cannabis. His mission to seek ailment-specific cannabis genetics and to map that correlation is inspiring. He focuses on the production of medical grade cannabis and the sharing of accurate, relevant information. Tony promotes the focus on plant quality and efficacy development over tactics to maximize your profits on the plant. We also hear a little about his Redwood Kush and original Haze line projects and how terpenes AND cannabinoids are necessary for medicinal effects.

Meet The Breeders

The Ganjier’s Golden Tarp Awards highlights the critical but lesser discussed role of the breeder in the cannabis industry. These people represent the currently large diversity of cannabis genetics that exist in the present day market and with the corporatization of cannabis this is at risk. The crux of the issue is cannabis is just being studied legally for the first time since prohibition began and new uses and therapies are just beginning to be discovered. These genetics, some old and some new, hold potentially marketable and in-demand characteristics for current and future cannabis consumer markets.

The Golden Tarp Awards wants to shine the light a few of the California breeders that represent and hold some of the most unique and sought after genetics today. Each an artisan in their own right and each representing the best genetics of their region.

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