Bamboo from Coastal Seed Co, is a craft breeder with organic methodology and biologics. Not only is Bamboo known for hearty genetics that work in coastal environments and using exotics that require high level breeding, he is also known as a high-level extractor. In this spotlight, this Santa Cruz area breeder discusses the importance of learning from the past and the role of a mentor in developing your own knowledge and perspectives. Bamboo believes in not ‘building on the backs of those before you’ but instead, ‘building WITH the backs of those that came before you’. Bamboo also believes that some people are just gifted with a natural ability that can’t be taught. A ’nature vs nurture’ argument that some people just have that sixth sense. That said, he believes that Prop64 was a godsend in that it allowed for more scientific research to be done to better know and understand the cannabis plant. Coastal Seed Co is one of the most respected craft breeders in California with a heavy emphasis on education and organic practices.

Meet The Breeders

The Ganjier’s Golden Tarp Awards highlights the critical but lesser discussed role of the breeder in the cannabis industry. These people represent the currently large diversity of cannabis genetics that exist in the present day market and with the corporatization of cannabis this is at risk. The crux of the issue is cannabis is just being studied legally for the first time since prohibition began and new uses and therapies are just beginning to be discovered. These genetics, some old and some new, hold potentially marketable and in-demand characteristics for current and future cannabis consumer markets.

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