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We are the lead source for specialty plastic sheeting for greenhouses, light deprivation, indoor grow rooms and aquaponics/hydroponics. Our tarps can include features such as FDA compliant, organic certifiable, fire retardant, UV additives, reinforced, anti-static, and custom fabrication, no matter what you need, Americover can help you.

Comparing 4 Types of Light Dep Covers for Auto and Manual Greenhouses

Bold Tarps for light deprivation by Americover.

What should you consider when buying a light deprivation tarp or cover for your greenhouse and what are your options? There are four primary types of black-out light dep covers currently on the market. Panda is a Black/White polyethylene film that is typically 4-6 mils thick. Woven Coated Poly Black/White is a non-stretch woven material coated with white poly on one side and...

8 Questions to Consider When Buying Greenhouse Tarps

Inside of a greenhouse

Polyethylene Sheeting has been used in greenhouses since the early 1960's, because it is an efficient alternative to some of the pre-manufactured options. Greenhouse poly film has evolved over the years to address many of the concerns in greenhouse applications such as the life of the film, the thickness/durability, condensation control, heat gain/loss, UV and light transmission, etc. Sponsored article...