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Aylea is the Lab Manager at Dirty Business Soils Consulting & Analysis. She graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Botany, with an emphasis in Mycology. Her professional experience includes working in the Botany Department at HSU, directed projects in mycology, and as a contractor for the U.S. Wildlife Federation. She specializes in pathology, tissue culture and mycological systematics.

What’s Eating Your Crop: Pathogens in the Emerald Triangle

Public Domain image. USDA. Source: Wikipedia

Pathogens are a virulent killer. They leave farmers helpless and afraid of losing their entire seasons worth of work. They kill quickly if you are not paying attention. We had so many farmers come to us in a panic in July and August of 2014. At that time we did not have a pathologist on staff, but quickly realized that...