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Casey is a CSA farmer who runs a micro-diversified farm in northern Mendocino County, California. His family raises approximately two acres of Clean Green Certified vegetables, poultry and medical cannabis in a small-farm setting while working towards sustainability. He is a self-described “weed geek” and is passionate about sharing food, medicine and cultivation techniques with others. He is passionate about representing small farmers as a Board Chair of the California Growers Association and as a voice in the legalization and functional regulation movement. http://www.happydayfarmscsa.com

Honorable Outlaws: Cannabis Farmers Stand Against Unjust Laws

Happy Days Farms Crew working the land

What makes a criminal? What defines an outlaw? These two terms have similar but very different connotations. Criminals break laws because they hold their purposes higher than the law. Outlaws break laws that are unjust and fight against oppressive systems. Cannabis created a modern-day Robin Hood story with a dynamic and powerful plant as the main character, supported by a...

American Food Farmers Are Getting Screwed – How Cannabis Can Help, Part 2

Happy Days Farms crew hard at work in the spring

Our farm was able to develop and expand because we did not face onerous regulations. This point is of utmost importance; if we want farmers to focus on good stewardship and producing quality crops, we must create regulatory policies that support them in doing so. Farming is harder work than 99% of our populace chooses to do, yet it is...

American Food Farmers Are Getting Screwed – How Cannabis Can Help, Part 1

Happy Days Farms grows a veggie CSA crop along with cannabis for a patient's collective.

Farmers nowadays are a scarce commodity -- there are so few of us that our profession (upon which all humans depend) doesn't even get a box on the census anymore. At Happy Days Farms, we are honored and thrilled to participate in food and medicine production. Cannabis as a cash crop has enabled us to expand and grow our small farm, supporting us...

Cannabis Farmers Work Together to Elevate Ag Practices — The Economics of Small Farms, Part 2

Cannabis and veggies growing side by side

As a culture in the Emerald Triangle, we've made investments over the years in our soil and infrastructure that enable us to strive for connoisseur branding. We built a reputation for growing the finest cannabis in the world. We have an opportunity to represent ourselves and backstop our brand with certifications and cooperative efforts to maintain the health of...

The Triple-Bottom-Line Approach to Cannabis Farming

The Triple Bottom Line of a Cannabis Farm in Mendocino, California.

The HappyDay Farms business model is governed and driven by a paradigm that focuses on social change. We struggled to fit ourselves into the “for-profit” model before realizing that it wasn't appropriate and that we had to devise a new way of looking at ourselves. We have a triple-bottom-line agenda that holds of equal weight: our stewardship of the environment,...

Corn or Cannabis, We’re All Farmers — The Economics of Small Farms, Part 1

Corn or cannabis, we are all farmers.

The way the rural economy works here in Mendocino County, cash is king. People develop a reputation and build or don’t build on that. Cannabis funds the tradespeople, the local businesses. My family works in the trades; we make good money here because people have access to a cash crop on their farms that allows them to expand infrastructure...

What Fruits and Vegetables Grow Well With Cannabis?

Frog on tomatos

At Happy Day Farms, we have identified some pairings that work well with cannabis, some that do not. Beans tend to die from spider mites, which are naturally occurring in most climates. Squash and melons succumb to powdery mildew and so are also not good pairings for cannabis. We have great success with all manner of greens, from kales, collards and...

How to Make the Most of Outdoor Bed Space and Dry Spells

On the farm

Hooray for the rain! And may more come soon!  It is always a glorious feeling to awaken in the night, warm and cozy in my bed, and hear proper rain pattering on the roof. In a world that has become too dry in the last five years, the sound of rain is a welcome, glorious thing to enjoy. The awakening...