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Compliant Farms is a collaboration of Hollie Hall and Associates Watershed Resources Consulting and High Tide Permaculture providing property owners with the guidance, information and services needed to navigate the environmental regulatory agency waters. We specialize in the implementation of a streamlined process to ensure delivery of a high quality product without the big firm prices.

A Self-Guided Process for Determining Cannabis Farm Tier Status

Tiered farming

North Coast Regional Water Board Cannabis Cultivation Program The North Coast Regional Water Board’s Cannabis Cultivation Regulatory Program (Order R1-2015-0023) seeks to address water quality impacts from cannabis cultivation on private property in the North Coast Region. By February 15, 2016, farms growing more than 2000 square feet of cannabis are required to enroll into the program. As of yet, no...

Beyond Compliance: Healthy Watersheds are the Base for Sustainable Cannabis

This map shows California's Watersheds as outlined by California Environmental Resources Evaluation System. Image found http://phrelin.com/3Cals/Rationale.htm

The cannabis community is buzzing with the idea of legitimacy and compliancy in what seems like a full-court press to come out of the woods, take control of environmental impacts, and create thriving businesses. But what being “compliant” truly means is still evolving. Compliancy can seem nebulous between environmental regulations, building codes, business models and the judicial process. What we...