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Cuauhtemoc’s protection for microbials in the soil has helped cannabis cultivators grow full spectrum medicine sustainably and vineyards grow tastier, more sustainable grapes. He has worked with probiotics for 15 years, and has distributed for SCDProbiotics.com the last 5 years. He's considered an expert soil and probiotic consultant and has developed an outreach educational program for youth in California’s wine-producing counties. He also works for Peace in Medicine in Santa Rosa. In 2013, he was a co-judge for The Emerald Cup alongside Alan Adkisson and hosted workshops for Native American Farming Practices at the cup.

How Native Reservations Can Integrate into Cannabis/Hemp Industry

cannabis crop circle

The Department of Justice recently ruled that Native Americans on reservations can engage in the blooming legal cannabis industry. They'll need to follow federal conditions already in place in states that allow for distribution of recreational cannabis. The U.S. currently recognizes over 300 reservations in 30 states that can potentially become active players in the hemp/cannabis industry. Sustainable development for...

Build Healthy Soil with Lunar Cycles and Simple DIY Microbials

Supermoon from 2012

We recently experienced a Super Moon, setting high and bright, bringing us closer to our medical cannabis harvest. Indigenous cultures from around the world used the cosmic calendar for every aspect of agricultural production. The life force that moves the oceans tides plays a role in the movement of  liquids inside the Sacred Healing Herbs. Indigenous farmers worldwide utilized...

Field Notes: High Times Cups Show Dark and Light Sides of Cannabis Industry

Sunset in Michigan for High Times Cup

The Sacred Role of a Cannabis Cultivator Our growing season peaks as change blows in the air. Plants are making their beautiful transition preparing fruits for the Healing of the Nations. Native Cultures refer to the plants and trees as "The Standing Silent Nation," providing them with the Highest Honor. A proper ceremony would engage the plant caretakers to walk carefully on...

Field Notes: Mound Farming Can Grow Better Medical Cannabis

Hawaiian cannabis mound farming

I recently consulted with a Native American Healing Center as they cut down their spring garden from Coastal Seeds Company's GSCxPuna Budder. The flowers showed the Hawaiian lineage in both shape and smell. One pheno type in particular expressing the effects of its land race heritage. The bud formation produces small, sticky bulbs associated with its topical parent. The spirit of the islands...

Field Notes: A Light Dep Success with Lilquoi — Plus Probiotic Project Underway

Cannabis OG in soil

My energy was flowing as the spring harvest found its way to the trim tables this week, and as some California greenhouse growing systems are reaping benefits from blackout covers. The cannabis produced in the blackout-style (aka light deprivation) greenhouse gardens in the past always needed deeper structure, suffered from powdery mildew, lacked cannabinoids and the intended effects diminished rapidly. The medical cannabis...