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Eric is a licensed contractor and has managed Forever Flowering Greenhouses (lightdep.com) since 2007. He grew up on a commercial farm that's been registered with the state since 1863. After briefly living in Humboldt, Eric planted roots in Grass Valley, California, where he lives with his wife and two kids.

How to Setup a Greenhouse with Proper Grading and Permits

What Permits Do You Need? When investing in a greenhouse, a common question that comes up is permitting. The best way to handle that question is to call the county building department and ask them. In some cases you might be required to give your job site address. Here's one way to ask the county and stay anonymous: Hello, Building Department! I...

When Light Leaks in a Light Dep Are a Big Deal (And When They Aren’t)

SD Cannabis grown in a light dep greenhouse

Light leaks within the light deprivation world aren't as big of a deal as they are for indoor growers. Indoor growers tend to have light leaks that are near constant, 12-18 hours or even 24 hours depending on the scenario. Light leaks in this capacity can definitely be a problem and that has been proven. Light leaks in a light dep grow...

Get Ahead of the Curve — Plan Your Winter Greenhouse Setup

Photo by Axel Kristinsson from Reykjavík, Iceland

The advantages of having a greenhouse are obvious when it's cold outside. Winter greenhouses extend the growing season for farmers and gardeners alike, creating the opportunity for a larger overall harvest. How it works is fairly simple: The sun warms the air, plants and soil during the day, and then the greenhouse traps some of that heat and protects its interior from dropping...

What Cooling Systems Work Best for Summer and Light Dep Greenhouses?

Circulation fans in use. Photo courtesy of Forever Flowering Greenhouses.

Sponsored article by Eric Brandstad of Forever Flowering Greenhouses, a Silver sponsor of the Ganjier Spring Kickoff! Evaporative greenhouse cooling systems are like swamp coolers — water runs over a thick pad at one end of the greenhouse while exhaust fans pull air from the other end through the wall of cool water. These tend to work well in moderate...

Build Your Perfect Greenhouse Over Time to Defray Costs

Source: Max Wahrhaftig {{GFDL}}

When shopping for a greenhouse you have many options — price should not be the only factor you consider. Look for product reviews and check details like the thickness of the frame and the type of framing (rolled steel, tubular or square). Make sure the greenhouse can handle the wind and snow conditions in your area, too. Keep in mind...

Pick the Best Greenhouse Cover PLUS Nail Your Natural Ventilation for Summer

Cannabis grown in a greenhouse using light deprivation

Summer Greenhouse Setup The sealed winter greenhouse should give way to a more open and naturally ventilated greenhouse during the hot summer months. To allow natural ventilation, take the end wall coverings down or reattach the sidewall covers a few feet off the ground to improve airflow. What Type of Greenhouse Cover Do You Need in Summer? Let’s face it — we all...

How to Setup Your Greenhouse for Proper Heating and Cooling

Photo courtesy of Forever Flowering Greenhouses.

Preparing for Greenhouse Setup Grading, piping, gravel, concrete and electrical preparation all help you get ready for the greenhouse. Concrete slabs aren't a structural component of the greenhouse but are a really nice addition. A slab can be floated in after the columns/stubs are set around the perimeter. Most people will use crushed gravel. Road base material can be watered...

4 Factors to Review Before Buying a Greenhouse Frame

Greenhouse frame. Photo courtesy of Forever Flowering Greenhouses.

Sponsored article by Eric Brandstad of Forever Flowering Greenhouses, a Silver sponsor of the Ganjier Spring Kickoff! If you're planning to put up a greenhouse, it seems like common sense to start with the frame but there are other factors that commercial operators should consider before choosing a frame style. 1. Clarify Property Ownership Is it owned, leased or borrowed? If it’s owned,...