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The Ganja Girl Scout grew up in Northern California in a small rural community. Raised by hippie parents, she was well educated regarding cannabis at an early age. Working in the cannabis industry is the culmination of a lifelong love of and obsession with cannabis. Ganja Girl Scout spent much time and effort collecting signatures and passing out hemp information packets during the critical time before prop 215 passed. She is a cultivator and an advocate for critically ill patients. Her win at the Emerald Cup was a joint win with her partner Budonymous, who is the master grower behind the amazing entry #347. GGS is the hard working assistant who ensures everything runs smoothly. She works hard on the farm and is excited to be starting her own garden this season.

Outdoor vs. Indoor: Dispelling the Myth That Indoor is Better

Outdoor sungrown cannabis field. Photo by TC Johnny Apple Weed.

Whether you're a cannabis consumer, grower, buyer or seller, you know different growing methods effect the price and value of cannabis. It's quite sad to me that a majority of cannabis consumers and buyers are largely ignorant of the fact that outdoor ganja is as good and sometimes far superior to any indoor cannabis you will ever consume. I myself used to be a die hard...