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Ganja D has been extensively researching and growing cannabis for over 15 years, always striving to find, create, and preserve the best cannabis genetics. Based in Southern Humboldt County, he created a medical cannabis seed collective, Ganja Rebel Seeds. Fueled by his passion for cannabis, he loves to share his expertise and experience with others.

How to Make Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds

If you're growing your own cannabis, there is no better or more rewarding feeling than growing from your own seeds, ones that you created. Here are some simple suggestions for making seeds on isolated branches without risk of pollinating your whole crop.  These are tried and true methods I’ve learned and are used by many cannabis farmers here in...

How to Give Your Starts What They Need to Thrive — Clones and Seeds

Photo by Ganja D. d berry x ww cannabis starts.

I've had the privilege of visiting many cannabis farms in the Emerald Triangle. For the people who live here it’s easy to forget that we are part of a magical community that is so unique it’s almost as if its it’s own universe.  It's something I never take for granted. The opportunity to see many different gardens allows me to...

How to Select Male Cannabis Plants for Breeding & Seed Making

Selecting a male cannabis plant for breeding

Often when selecting a male for breeding you should be looking for the same things you would generally like to find in a female plant. Look for vigorous males, in terms of growth rate and also root mass. Selecting for Leaf and Plant Structure Structure is very important. You want a plant with a sturdy structure that can hold some serious...

Importance of Diversity in Feeding/Fertilizing Cannabis to Maximize Quality and Quantity

Smoky Silhouette of Cannabis. Photo by Ganja Rebel Dan

As we all know cannabis is a weed. It’s a very versatile, adaptive plant species that could grow in the cracks of pavement in the sidewalk. One of the amazing things about our sacred plant is the more you nurture it, the more it can and will give back to you. I see a lot of good cannabis, but not...

From a Counter Culture Past Toward a Better Future

Cannabis Counter Culture to a Better Future

Cannabis and the Counter Culture The beauty of the plant became and has always been a symbol that I've identified with through the years -- mesmerizing colorful flowers sparkling like they were coated in tiny crystal gems. And the pot leaf to me is the sign of rebellion, the sign of who I am. With it came the attraction to...

My Growing Obsession

My obsession with cannabis and its future

Cannabis is a unique species amongst life on earth. I was introduced to cannabis at a relatively young age.  From that moment, I felt a very special bond to it. Perhaps it was the way it helped open my perception to new ways of thinking and understanding. It also helped me cope with the stress and pressures of life...