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Kevin Jodrey is one of the most well known growers in Humboldt County and is an internationally respected cannabis expert, known for improving and forwarding the modern cannabis movement. As a world renowned hunter of ganja genetics, Kev is fascinated by the search for rare, desirable, and marketable traits. Kevin is the creator of Port Royal, owner of Wonderland Nursery, and co-founder of The Ganjier. He’s been a cannabis cultivator for decades, running this own operations and offering consulting services to the broader community. He’s spoken at universities, judged at the Emerald Cup, and consulted on cannabis related educational shows for National Geographic and A&E. Featured in the New York Times, a pulitzer prize winning Washing Post article, countless other articles, books, and radio and tv shows, he is at the epicenter of the Green Rush (and graces the walls of the Oakland Museum to prove it) and is guiding the industry as it transitions to the Clean Rush - the sustainable movement of regenerating the land naturally through cannabis cultivation.

Golden Tarp Awards: Tips for Competitors by Kevin Jodrey

Kevin Jodrey, Wonderland Nursery Owner and Ganjier

It is getting to be harvest season soon and that means cannabis competition time for growers who compete at the Golden Tarp Awards and at the Emerald Cup. I get a lot of questions on competition strategies for the grower as I have judged at the Emerald Cup and helped to create the Golden Tarp Awards. Here are some...

2016 Planting Calendar by Ganjier Kevin Jodrey of Wonderland Nursery

2016 is kicking off to be an important year in California Cannabis as we get closer to legalization and interest in all things cannabis are at an all time high. But the citizens of Northern California's cannabis community know that it's also time to get to focus on the important things like planting and farming. Kevin Jodrey of Wonderland...

Why CBD Has the Spotlight

Golden Dragon CBD tinctures

CBD is one of the most talked about compounds in cannabis today. Once overshadowed by THC, many thought high CBD levels had been bred out of the cannabis gene pool due to its ability to tame the high connected to THC, the most famous of the cannabinoid compounds. Since cannabis was driven underground during the drug war, the product reflected...