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I believe that every business, every product, everyone has a story and if you can connect people to these stories, you can create a brand and gain a customer for life. I have spent years connecting people, telling stories and creating brands in a variety of industries: television; web; digital marketing and public relations. I create digital marketing and public relations content from my cozy office in Arcata, California. I work directly with artists, musicians, authors, and small businesses, both locally and internationally, telling stories through relevant platforms that effectively create a brand and win over the desired audience. Whether it's working as a television producer in major markets, touring the world video taping musicians for a start-up web company, or creating marketing and pr content for various people and businesses, one thing stands true: if you tell a story well, you can reach people on a level that truly counts. Stories connect us.

Craft Cannabis Farms: The Dookie Brothers and their award-winning Zkittlez

The Dookie Brothers: Craft Cannabis farmers and their winning strain Zkittlez

It’s different. Magnificently different. Sticking your nose into a handful of Zkittlez nugs is like putting your head into a candy jar. There’s a rainbow of aroma; a grapy, lemony smell - fruity scents instead of the gassy/fuel smell of the ever popular OG’s. The taste on a dry pull is like savoring dessert before the main course, with a...