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Matt Kumin is a civil rights attorney and executive director of California Cannabis Voice, a political action committee focused on building grassroots support around the state for fair and reasonable cannabis regulations. Matt has a national reputation amongst the leadership of the drug reform/criminal justice reform movement and has clients throughout the United States.

How California Counties Can and Cannot Regulate Cannabis — A Quick Primer

Cannabis regulations in California counties

Editor's Note: California Cannabis Voice executive director and civil rights attorney Matt Kumin put together a short primer to help Humboldt County, California, draft an ordinance based on community stakeholder discussions. This is a slightly modified version of his memo -- only a few small changes were made to improve readability on the web. Legislation, whether by a citizen’s initiative or...

Will Humboldt Lead California in Establishing Rational Laws for Local Cannabis Cultivation?

Beautiful Humboldt outdoor grown cannabis

California voters are likely to approve the November 2016 ballot initiative to legalize recreational cannabis use for those 21 and over. When they do, the initiative will likely provide state licensing of commercial cannabis enterprises. The impact on cultivating counties like Humboldt will be nothing short of revolutionary. Suddenly, the cannabis cultivating community, which has largely been ignored until now,...