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Meet The Breeders: Bamboo, Coastal Seeds Co. Spotlight


Bamboo from Coastal Seed Co, is a craft breeder with organic methodology and biologics. Not only is Bamboo known for hearty genetics that work in coastal environments and using exotics that require high level breeding, he is also known as a high-level extractor. In this spotlight, this Santa Cruz area breeder discusses the importance of learning from the past and the role of a mentor in developing your own knowledge and perspectives. Bamboo believes in not ‘building on the backs of those before you’ but instead, ‘building WITH the backs of those that came before you’. Bamboo also believes that some...

How a pre-filled cart company changed the game then went down in flames within a year

Cannabis vape pen smoking

You can't go for more than a day without someone talking about the cannabis industry in California. Whether you are for it or against it, it peaks everyone's interest and its re-acceptance into mainstream society is, well, viral. This presents an incredible opportunity for products and companies to build a thriving and influential business. State legal cannabis entrepreneurs, both...

Social Marketing is about relationships, not sales

With the rise of social marketing in the Cannabis space, we see a lot of bad habits. Most of these habits are from thinking about your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram channel as an online classified space or magazine. This completely misses the point of why social marketing is different...and so powerful when done well.   The two main considerations are using...

Is your Cannabusiness website not mobile friendly? Expect lower placement on search results.

In the first of a new series for The Ganjier, Digital Ganjier Tips, we wanted to talk about a significant change to Google's algorithm and how it decides which websites rank higher in the search results. Their change in April 2015 now favors responsive, mobile-friendly websites over those that are not. Why this matters significantly to the cannabis industry is...

What New York’s Medical Cannabis Regulations Mean Commercially

Photo Courtesy of www.medicaljane.com.

With the impending development of New York state's embrace of Medical Marijuana, there is a lot of excitement amongst cannabis entrepreneurs. Being the second biggest state, population wise next to California, there is a large market to consider. There is the caveat that medical cannabis in New York will not be smokeable flowers, but tinctures, kiefs, hashes and edibles...