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Spencer and Dia Damon, Nomad’s Landing, are known and respected as beyond organic, top shelf, craft farm producers, and bio-remediation, regenerative farming specialists. Featured in Emerald Magazine and Weed World, Nomad’s Landing has spent over a decade evolving Natural Farming into a cannabis cultural lifestyle educating and instructing other farmers on how to produce organic, market quality cannabis and vegetables. The Nomad’s are certified consultants for LivingOrganicSoil.org, and Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure. Dia and Spencer are also certified farmer’s in Cho’s Global Natural Farming (CGNF); for which they blend together for a complete symbiotic relationship, while adding in some JADAM Ultra Low Cost Organic Farming Practices. The Nomad’s are passionate about sustainable, high quality craft cannabis produced regeneratively, and sharing their knowledge and experiences . Stay tuned to the Ganjier for upcoming articles and events from the Nomad’s as they blaze into the future with Ganjier Farms, the home of Port Royal, Ganjier Solutions, Clean Rush Consulting, Wonderland Nursery, and Nomad’s Landing Worm Castings.

Understanding CDFA and USDA/NOP Guidelines for the Cannabis Industry

Organic Farming

As we cannabis farmers merge into the existing adventures of regulated agriculture production, and given that California is the nation's leader in organic production, it would probably be a good idea if organic cannabis farmers become knowledgeable on CDFA and USDA/NOP Guidelines by the time cannabis is a nationally accepted agriculture crop; and be ready to fall into step...