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Kerry is a cannabis journalist and educator. Since 2011, she has employed her extensive background in journalism, environmental education, and theater to produce a focused monthly radio show called Cannabis Consciousness. It covers essential cannabis news, issues, and solutions for conscious cannabis producers. Since 2012, she has produced weekly cannabis reports played on 5 radio stations.

Cannabis Consciousness News #36 – Harvesting & Drying with Kevin Jodrey

Hang drying cannabis Humboldt style. Photo by Emily Hobelmann.

After headlines, hear more of a Harvest and Curing Best Practices talk by Kevin Jodrey of Wonderland Nursery given on Aug 29th at Healing Harvest Farm’s 1 year anniversary of their cannabis Farmers Market. The first portion of the talk aired on CCN #35.

Cannabis Consciousness News #35 – Trim Culture, Harvesting, Curing

Cannabis Consciousness News with Kerry Reynolds

After headlines, hear CCN's second Trim Culture feature, an interview with local Southern Humboldt trimmer Katie S. Then hear excerpts from a recent talk on Harvesting and Curing with Kevin Jodrey.

News Podcast: Emerald Triangle Policy Efforts Move Forward; Watershed Team Inspections

Cannabis Consciousness News with Kerry Reynolds

This episode includes a summary of a Mendocino County voter initiative recently filed by members of the Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council; one real estate lawyer’s view on a draft cultivation ordinance for Humboldt County; and we’ll hear from a Sprowl Creek resident and lawyer whose land and water was inspected by the California multi-agency Watershed Enforcement Team.

NorCal Water Board Wants to Require Cannabis Farmers to Register — Podcast

Cannabis Consciousness News with Kerry Reynolds

This Cannabis Consciousness News Special looks at new regulations requiring Northern California cannabis growers to register with the North Coast Water Board if they grow over 6 mature plants. As soon as the second week of August, the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board hopes to adopt sweeping regulations that will require roughly 30,000 landowners to register for their...

This Week in Cannabis News: March 29, 2015

Cannabis clones in coco

The Cannabis Report: Santa Cruz limits grows to 100 sq feet, while a lawsuit challenges a cultivation ban in Clearlake, California. A bill to reschedule cannabis on the controlled substances act was introduced in the US House; the Governor of Georgia jump started the state's new CBD oil access law through executive order; and two thousand DC residents turn...

This Week in Cannabis News: March 20, 2015

This week President Obama expressed support for decriminalization; a cultivation expert expressed concerns that rescheduling could invite Big Pharma into the cannabis game; a Southern California tribe announced plans to dedicate 40 acres to medical cannabis cultivation;  in Washington state a bill was introduced to allow I-502 home cultivation; and in Nevada a bill was introduced to allow pet owners...

This Week in Cannabis News: March 6, 2015

Cannabis news report

Medical cannabis advocates are claiming a victory in two court cases this week, while a third lawsuit was filed challenging Colorado’s legalization amendment 64. Kerry Reynolds reports on this and other marijuana news: Florida jury acquits grower due to medical marijuana defense Kettle Falls Five found not guilty on 4 out of 5 charges Sheriffs sue to overturn Colorado's Amendment 64 Legalization bills are...

This Week in Cannabis News: February 27, 2015

Cannabis clones in coco

The Cannabis Report is a condensed 5-minute report on the top news of the week. This week its devoted to legalization taking effect in Washington D.C. and Alaska; and the decriminalization and medical cannabis law passing its final vote in Jamaica.