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Sam Leishman has served as writer and/or editor for a smattering of publications, including The Birmingham Weekly, B-Metro Magazine and Red Mountain Review. He is currently a staff writer for The Ganjier.

Tips to Make Your Terpenes Blowout


As harvest season winds down and growers gear up for The Emerald Cup, everyone is immersed in that middle ground, preparing their buds for presentation. This means trimming, give-or-take one of the more straightforward processes in cultivation, and curing, yet another opportunity to customize the output using any number of techniques according to each individual grower. Taking the time...

DSS Sungrown Indoor: Full Sun Cultivation. Full Indoor.

Fleurish Farms DSS Sungrown Indoor solar tube technology and consulting

An argument can be made for any number of strategies when it comes to growing indoors, but one problem seems unavoidable, as with so many other businesses: the cost of energy. Fleurish Farms, a research farm based in Sonoma County, believes it may have found a solution. Set outside of Petaluma, the 95-acre expanse is host to a bevy of...

Keeping the Edge: An Inside Perspective on Choosing What Cannabis Genetic to Produce

Leo Stone Aficionado Seeds

It's understood that breeders in Northern California are making exponential strides every year, but few could claim to be as influential as Leo Stone, owner of Aficionado Seeds. A lifetime resident of the area and now CEO of one of the premiere seed productions in the world, he has more than his fair share of insight. The Emerald Cup will host...


Kellie Dodds of Cannabis Film Festival and Kevin Jodrey

Cannabis and Entertainment: Uniquely situated as two of the most lucrative industries in the country, and two that both cater almost strictly towards merriment. It’s only natural that they be entwined for an event like the Second Annual Cannabis Film Festival. This week I spoke with Kevin Jodrey, (co-founder of The Ganjier and owner of Wonderland Nursery), and William “Oos”...