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Guerilla grower / Photographer / Road warrior / Emerald Cup Judge / Visitor of cannabis gardens / Glass enthusiast / California rep for TGA genetics / Organic Farmer / Water Hash resin seeker / Hunter of the Dank / 30 plus years growing / Media diversity expander / Printer of the arts. http://tgagenetics.com

Calif. Farmers Prepare for Water Scarcity, Reflect on 2014 Fire

Helicopters were filled with water from fire trucks to put out the 2014 Lodge Fire in Northern California.

As the rain dances on the roof of Nubia Farms, I wonder, "How many farmers right now are catching rain?" It's amazing to see just one aspect of growing a can take a look at and realize how complicated it can become.  Water is quite a hot commodity these days, with California reservoirs ranging anywhere from 9% to 66%...

Plan for the 2015 Season with Better Forecasting

Lady Bugs on Cannabis

The U.S. English thesaurus defines forecast as: to predict, to estimate, to calculate, to project, to anticipate, to foretell, to guess, to conjure. Why I bring this up is because all the best ones do it whether you're watching Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Mario Andretti, or Mohammed Ali. The greats from our past were all great at forecasting...

5 Tips to Select the Best Genetics and Location for Your Climate

Sun grown cannabis cultivation

The resin has been cleaned from the glass pipes used at all of the 2014 cups and festivals, and suddenly 2015 is upon us! Do you have a location picked for next year’s crop? Do you know what you’re growing? If you’re still on the fence, there are a few things you want to take into account. 1. Know Local...