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Tony "Mr. Toad" Leyva

Tony from Boneyard Seeds NorCal is a highly respected breeder, not only for what he’s brought to the table genetically but for his emphasis on sharing information freely. Tony has an incredible understanding of technical information, a well thought out process to selection that is centered around medicinal goals in a logical, methodical way. Tony was involved in Dennis Peron’s Cannabis Buyers Club, the first collective in California, where he began to grow compassionately for the community. Medical success is what motivates Tony’s exploration of cannabis genetics and his compassion is what makes him share his findings freely and as widely as possible.

Boneyard Seeds NorCal’s Tony Leyva: “I’ve always been surrounded by cannabis my entire life.”

Tony "Mr Toad" Leyva, Owner of Boneyard Seeds NorCal

At the age of eight I was taught the first of many lessons in cannabis farming. My Uncle Dave taught me the Air Layer technique, something I still practice and teach to this day. Over the years I would learn countless lessons taught by many. These lessons I eventually weaved into the tapestry I have turned into my life's work. I had always come to...