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Information and articles about cannabis, marijuana and hemp related events.

Cannabis Events

Home Cannabis Events
Information and articles about cannabis, marijuana and hemp related events.
2017 Spring Kickoff Cancellation

The 2017 Ganjier Spring Kickoff is Cancelled

The Ganjier has decided to cancel this year's Spring Kickoff event on March 4th, 2017. The reason being that the new cannabis laws in California make...
Dookie Brothers win 2016 The Golden Tarp Awards

UPDATED: The Winner of the 3rd Annual Golden Tarp Awards is…

UPDATED: We have attached the spreadsheet with all entries and their lab results below. Click the image to download the results. This year's Golden...
Kevin Jodrey, Wonderland Nursery Owner and Ganjier

Golden Tarp Awards: Tips for Competitors by Kevin Jodrey

It is getting to be harvest season soon and that means cannabis competition time for growers who compete at the Golden Tarp Awards and...
Kellie Dodds of Cannabis Film Festival and Kevin Jodrey


Cannabis and Entertainment: Uniquely situated as two of the most lucrative industries in the country, and two that both cater almost strictly towards merriment....
The single source for Southern Humboldt Concentrates live resin oil. Photo by Kim Sallaway.

Emerald Cup Embraces Responsible BHO with New Partnership, New Competition

California’s defining cannabis competition has in the past shied away from accepting oils made using butane and CO2 due to safety concerns. Now with...
Photo by Jose Quezada. Left to right: Dave Royal, Hollie Hall and Cuauhtemoc Villa.

Ganjier Spring Kickoff Draws Over 1000 to Humboldt for Seeds and Education

"You put the seed breeding panel at 11 a.m. -- you expect those stoners to get up early!" -- one actual response someone had to seeing the 2nd...
Royal gold on a beautiful day

What’s in Your PPM? A Closer Look at Coco Fiber

As more and more growing enthusiasts become conscious of issues regarding sustainability and functionality, hydroponic hobbyists and commercial gardeners alike are beginning their switch...
Frenchie at the Aficionado booth sharing his aged hash and wisdom.

Frenchy to Host Lost Art of the Hashishin Workshop & NCIA Fundraiser Feb. 28

The primary goal of Frenchy Cannoli's work is to promote appreciation of traditional hashish as it is made in producing countries. Come spend a...