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outdoor sun-grown cannabis

My Method: Harvest Cannabis Early for a Better Overall Crop

We've arrived in the bountiful harvest season. Crops are ripening on the tree, bush, plant and vine. Here on the farm, the cannabis harvest...
Outdoor sungrown cannabis field. Photo by TC Johnny Apple Weed.

Outdoor vs. Indoor: Dispelling the Myth That Indoor is Better

Whether you're a cannabis consumer, grower, buyer or seller, you know different growing methods effect the price and value of cannabis. It's quite sad to me that a majority...
Leo Stone Aficionado Seeds

Keeping the Edge: An Inside Perspective on Choosing What Cannabis Genetic to Produce

It's understood that breeders in Northern California are making exponential strides every year, but few could claim to be as influential as Leo Stone, owner...
Organic Farming

Understanding CDFA and USDA/NOP Guidelines for the Cannabis Industry

As we cannabis farmers merge into the existing adventures of regulated agriculture production, and given that California is the nation's leader in organic production,...

Meet The Breeders: The Soil King Spotlight

This Golden Tarp Awards spotlight focuses on Patrick King, The Soil King and his approach to cannabis cultivation and where he wants the industry...
Photo from Unsplash via @kylellefson

Companion Planting 101: Supercharging Your Soil Life

Companion planting in gardening and agriculture is the planting of different crops in proximity for pest control, pollination, providing habitat for beneficial creatures, maximizing...

Meet The Breeders: Tony Leyva, Boneyard Seeds Spotlight

This spotlight focuses on Tony Leyva of Boneyard Seeds where he discusses his background and how sick family members were his main motivation for getting...
Tony "Mr Toad" Leyva, Owner of Boneyard Seeds NorCal

Boneyard Seeds NorCal’s Tony Leyva: “I’ve always been surrounded by cannabis my entire life.”

At the age of eight I was taught the first of many lessons in cannabis farming. My Uncle Dave taught me the Air Layer technique, something...