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fire fighter fighting mountain fire

Preparing Your Farm For A Rural Agricultural Fire – Part 1

“It’s so picturesque here!” Those were the words that tumbled out of my old friend’s mouth after driving in silent reverence from my home to...
Bold Tarps for light deprivation by Americover.

Comparing 4 Types of Light Dep Covers for Auto and Manual Greenhouses

What should you consider when buying a light deprivation tarp or cover for your greenhouse and what are your options? There are four primary types...
This map shows California's Watersheds as outlined by California Environmental Resources Evaluation System. Image found

Beyond Compliance: Healthy Watersheds are the Base for Sustainable Cannabis

The cannabis community is buzzing with the idea of legitimacy and compliancy in what seems like a full-court press to come out of the...
Public Domain image. USDA. Source: Wikipedia

What’s Eating Your Crop: Pathogens in the Emerald Triangle

Pathogens are a virulent killer. They leave farmers helpless and afraid of losing their entire seasons worth of work. They kill quickly if you are...
Cannabis and veggie farming as we age

Cannabis Farms Need the Agricultural Cooperative Model

What is a Co-op? “A cooperative (coop) or co-operative (co-op) is an autonomous association of people who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual social, economic and...
707 Cannabis College led a workshop on water dip for trimmers. Photo by Jose Quezada.

How Centralized Processing Could Help Small Cannabis Farmers

My next proposition may seem outlandish, and I offer it for discussion: Centralized Processing. I have come to believe that it could provide the...
Drying room for cannabis. Photo by HappyDay Farms

Drying Your Cannabis Harvest and What to Do About Mold

October is the universal cannabis harvest month. Farmers who grow earlier, Afghanica-based strains often start in September, but their harvest window always continues into...
Hang drying cannabis Humboldt style. Photo by Emily Hobelmann.

Cannabis Consciousness News #36 – Harvesting & Drying with Kevin Jodrey

After headlines, hear more of a Harvest and Curing Best Practices talk by Kevin Jodrey of Wonderland Nursery given on Aug 29th at Healing...