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Corn or cannabis, we are all farmers.

Corn or Cannabis, We’re All Farmers — The Economics of Small Farms, Part 1

The way the rural economy works here in Mendocino County, cash is king. People develop a reputation and build or don’t build on that....
moving cannabis forward

Remember Your Roots Moving Forward and Stay Present, Farmers

You can tell when work was done with love. It shows up in the little things, the touches that add up to create a...
cannabis farming subsidy

Part 2 — What’s the Small Farm Subsidy Program in America? Cannabis

Editor's Note: You can catch Part 1 here.  In some places the old ways never died, here in the arid interior of Mendocino County, the...
On the farm

What’s the Small Farm Subsidy Program in America? Cannabis (Part 1)

Rebuilding the rural, agrarian infrastructure that made this country great is going to take work. In the old days, neighbors and communities depended on...
Cannabis is like a mycelium network across the country

How the Cannabis Network Connected the Nation

Because of Prohibition, cannabis networks developed mutual trust between growers and people outside the area. In the old days, everybody had a buddy who...
Late harvest season pruned cannabis plant

Cannabis is Agriculture; ‘Growers’ are Small Farmers

Cannabis has the ability to support farmers Over the preceding decades of Prohibition prior to California Proposition 215, our medicinal human birthright was largely co-opted...
cannabis crop circle

How Native Reservations Can Integrate into Cannabis/Hemp Industry

The Department of Justice recently ruled that Native Americans on reservations can engage in the blooming legal cannabis industry. They'll need to follow federal...
Rolling a joint at the Golden Tarp Award 2014 judge's table. Photo by Jose Quezada.

Cannabis is Already a Human Tradition, Physically and Spiritually

As a Libertarian, Democratic, Socialist Conservationist, the logic of farmers growing cannabis and hemp is inarguable and inescapable. As a human, the deep support...