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What’s in Your PPM? A Closer Look at Coco Fiber

As more and more growing enthusiasts become conscious of issues regarding sustainability and functionality, hydroponic hobbyists and commercial gardeners alike are beginning their switch...
Public Domain image. USDA. Source: Wikipedia

What’s Eating Your Crop: Pathogens in the Emerald Triangle

Pathogens are a virulent killer. They leave farmers helpless and afraid of losing their entire seasons worth of work. They kill quickly if you are...
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From Trash to Treasure — Reusing your Soil

In the Emerald Triangle, cannabis skirts the line between horticulture and agriculture. Everyone grows a little differently with soils ranging from native soil to...
This image is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the Agricultural Research Service, the research agency of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Know Your Nitrogen — Proper Application Can Save Resources and Grow Healthier Plants

Spring is here and it’s nitrogen's time to shine. Farmers and gardeners the world over are well acquainted with the effects of nitrogen, or...
Harmful Algal Bloom (red tide) -- This ‘red tide’ in August 2014 covered more than 10,000 square kilometers of ocean off the west coast of Florida.

Nutrient Pollution: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Sponsored article from Jeb Berman of Nutrient Guru, a gold sponsor of the Ganjier Spring Kickoff! Even though we can’t easily see nutrient pollution at work...
Stratriolaelaps (hypoaspis) miles is a beneficial type of mite for a cannabis garden. Photo courtesy of Dirty Business Soil Analysis and Consluting (

Finding Mites a Cannabis Grower Can Love

Yes, I have mites! And they are not something I want to get rid of this time. As I found myself amending my soil for reuse, I...
Bio-char pile on the cannabis and veggie farm in Mendocino

What Kind of Fertilizer is Best for Cannabis?

There are inevitable tradeoffs to growing production crops; we must mitigate as many of them as possible. As a farmer, how do I produce...
Smoky Silhouette of Cannabis. Photo by Ganja Rebel Dan

Importance of Diversity in Feeding/Fertilizing Cannabis to Maximize Quality and Quantity

As we all know cannabis is a weed. It’s a very versatile, adaptive plant species that could grow in the cracks of pavement in...