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The cannabis industry can learn about how to define quality and region from the wine industry.

How the Cannabis Industry Can Learn from History of Wine, Part 1 of 2

Cannabis is at a turning point in its long history. California legalization will create changes that will have far reaching repercussions on the world...
You get way more than ordinary seeds in a sandwich bag when you pick up House of Aficionado seeds. Photo by North Coast Journal.

How 4 Mendocino Ganjiers Elevate the Seed Market With Emerald Triangle Genetics

Sponsored article of House of Aficionado, a Gold sponsor of the Ganjier Spring Kickoff! “Tradition is what makes the weed good in the first place,” according to the...
Cannabis Concentrate also called wax, dab or shatter

2 Super-Concentrate Business Models at the Intersection of Cannabis and Commerce

The issue of “super-concentrates” is one of the hottest current topics in the cannabis industry. Within this larger topic are many sub-topics: production methods,...